Why would God create robots? – Music Video becomes discussion of gender roles, porcupines and robots

After years of dreaming to make an animated music video, I finally met the artistic duo, Chris Viel and Curtis Wood of Syndeo Studios who will help bring it to life.  Having just had a few meetings to discuss the style and direction of the project, we have fallen into philosophical debate that includes, gender roles, robots, porcupines and constraints of fantasy – deeper stuff than I ever thought would have come from an animation meeting.

Firstly, the tune we will use, is  Corner of Your Bed, an acoustic love song between a couple.  One sits and sings while waiting for their companion to primp and polish before going out for a Sunday stroll. The “animated short” as we are calling it will portray the same story.

We will not assign gender to either character as we want the viewer to be able to relate beyond the accepted and limited binary gender code.

So if we aren’t using a traditional man and woman for the main characters, what do we use and what is portrayed?

“Porcupines!”   says Chris.

Riffing on the idea is fun, but even though porcupines have a cute and almost genderless perception their range of motion, even if anthropomorphized, is limited. hmmm…

Then somewhere out of the creative ether comes the idea of robots.

Robots! No sex!

But would they be free of gender?


We figure that robots created in human society will imitate our human behavior for better and for worse. They will primp, preen and pose to impress their counterparts as observed of their creators. The robots might wear ties, might wear weaves, might imitate the roles that we have genderized, but no matter what they do, will be robots,  trying to impress one another, just as we do.

Like Curtis, so eloquently stated when I asked the question, “Why would God create robots?”

“To watch them fall in love”


—–My next blog I’m gonna take a stab at the boundaries of the animated world. Stay tuned….


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