Vocalist, Songwriter, Composer, Performer

Known as a songwriter of Sensual Folk Music, Fernando Tarango has travelled the world through over 2o countries as a vocalist and entertainer.  He has written and licensed music to shows on MTV, Oxygen Network and E!, including shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians and Bad Girl’s Club, and can also be recognized as the bartender in Southern Comfort’s advertising campaign, Lingo Cops. Fernando Tarango performs regularly with the Grammy-Award-winning Pacific Boychoir Academy, The Phil, and Heartland. As an actor, dancer, songwriter, composer, recording artist, producer and teacher, he tailors his performances to balance the needs of each audience.  For booking information and/or production assistance email ftarango@gmail.com.



  1. God love you. Do I need to say more? Merry Christmas dear.

  2. Love it!
    Fernando, I`m writing here because I can`t figure out how to post a comment on Youtube. I happened into your version of La Bruja while searching there for my daily Latin American harp fix. No harp of course, but… wow! Very inventive, nice to hear something so surprisingly different from what I expected. Thumbs up to both you guys and thanks for making my day!

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